05 May 2011

Emery Rec Center Park: Roller Skate

I've noticed this single roller skate in the Emery Rec Center park for about a week now, but I really liked the lighting the other day:

Also, Daisy is getting used to her new booties:

16 April 2011

Washington Deli and Pizza @ Georgia Ave

The Washington Deli and Pizza at 5830 Georgia Ave is finally open! I saw people in it earlier this week, and The Brightwoodian mentioned that it was open, so I thought I'd check it out.

I talked to the Brett (the manager/chef, I think), who told me that they're doing a soft opening right now, hence the lack of "open" sign. They are currently just serving breakfast and lunch, but they plan to start staying open for dinner in a week or so. Brett and staff were very friendly, and the place itself is very clean, with a brick and steel decor.

Although they said the pizza is their specialty (and looked great), I ended up getting a sub, which I was very happy with. I can't wait to go back and try their pizza.